Digital Video Recording System

Digital Video Recording System

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recording System, the heart of Los Angeles, CA video security system. We offer a wide range of security DVRS - also known as - embedded DVRS - 4 cameras, 8 cameras, 16 cameras, 32 cameras, and unlimited camera security systems. These DVRS recorder options allow you to view and record one or many security cameras at the same time in Los Angeles, CA. Our DVRS include a range of advanced features, such as H.265 compression to increase storage capacity and motion detection which enables the DVRS to start recording only when motion is detected in the area of the camera. Our Digital Video Recording Systems are also networkable so that they can be viewed remotely over the internet or a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android device. In addition to traditional security DVRS devices, we offer mobile digital video recording system devices as well as micro DVRS that are perfect for covert surveillance in Los Angeles, CA

If you want to be protected against theft and break-ins in Los Angeles, CA then choosing the right security DVRS around which to build your security system is a critical step. Don't settle for inferior DVRs or wait until your home or business is a victim of crime. Call, the video security experts, to learn which security DVRS is right for your needs. 

8 Channel DVRs - Digital Video Recorders for Retail or Large Offices in Los Angeles

Our 8 channel DVRs enable you to record up to eight cameras at one time. This is solution is suitable for medium sized retail outlets or large offices in Los Angeles, CA. Advanced features of these DVRs include individual channel configuration which allows you to optimize your security system by allocating system resources to your most important coverage areas without wasting valuable hard drive space. They also feature signal loss detection which allows you to program your DVR to alert you in the event of a lost camera signal in Los Angeles, CA. 


Digital Video Recording System

Digital Video Recording System

If you need to watch different areas of your small business or home in Los Angeles, CA, a four channel security DVR plus cameras is an ideal solution. Our 4 channel digital video recorders come with various options for offloading your video for offline storage and viewing, including USB, CD and DVD burner, or over a network. The network option allows you to view your video over the internet from a remote location in Los Angeles, CA, and is available on all of our models. 

16 Channel DVRs - Security for Large Retailers and Warehouses in Los Angeles, CA

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16 channel DVRs are a good option for large retail outlets, warehouses, loading docks, and campuses such as schools in Los Angeles, CA. These systems allow you to view up to sixteen cameras at one time on one DVR recorder. Despite their advanced features, our security DVRs are simple to operate through an intuitive user interface and user-friendly controls via front panel, mouse, and remote control. Our DVRs also feature easy scheduling so that you can set up simple or complicated weekly recording plans. Record continuously during business hours in Los Angeles, CA, and switch to motion detection at night to save on storage space. 

CCTV Surveillance Analytics

Intrusion Dectection Analytics

Our Analytics and Installing CCTV surveillance camera security camera is necessary in order to estimate the object parameters such as height, area, speed and classification. Knowledge and skill is important to have these task fulfilled.    

Micro DVRs - Mini DVR for Covert Operations in Los Angeles, CA or Hidden Cameras

Covert camera

We offer a selection of micro DVRs for use when space is at a premium, such as in covert surveillance in Los Angeles, CA. Used with a micro camera, these small DVRs can be planted in objects or worn on the body for in-place or mobile recording. Many of these mini DVRs feature motion detection, so that the camera only records when movement is detected. This saves on battery life and maximizes storage space. These mini digital video recorders provide many options for offloading your video and allow you to store several hours of video on a micro SD card that can be read by most computers. 

IoT Security System Services

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Design / Value / Reliable / Scale an Innovative IP Technology Corporation. We will ensure Customers get the most from IP Technologies.  

Troubleshooting / Diagnose / Resolution provides a wide range of integrated security and video surveillance solutions. We can help you enhance your surveillance system and surveillance cameras to maximize coverage with limited or no blind spots.  

2 to 4 Years Parts Warranty

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