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DVRS still connecting thousands of physical objects to web-based services. Providing total communications that serve business and residential with a broad array of IP Security Cameras, IP Wireless Surveillance Cameras, IP Access Control, and IP Phones. In addition to Wi-Fi Wireless Technologies, Wi-Fi Management, and Internet of Things Security, IoTS.  DVRS specializes in designing, development, and production(in-house), for all types of security and/or surveillance projects. 

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Wi-Fi Wireless Technologies

Wi-Fi Wireless Technologies

DVRS.com delivers a breakthrough combination of performance, reliability, and scalability with top performance/price value.  DVRS.com technology to simplify Wi-Fi infrastructure deployments for towns, stadiums, concert venues, and outdoor spaces. 

Since 2002, DVRS.com has provided solutions in the form of wireless access points, routers, network switches, and more. Now we wish to expand to the rest of the essential equipment for small medium business, schools, hotels or even large enterprise. The solution we bring to you today is robust, affordable, flexible for feature expansion and should reduce the total cost of ownership in the long run. 

We are here to answer your questions about our products or services. Please feel free to use the contact form and DVRS.com will respond to you as soon as possible.

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