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CCTV Security Camera, Alarms, Video Doorbell, Smart LED Lighting via PoE, Access Control, Intercom System, WiFi System, Cloud Video Storage for Surveillance Cameras 

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CCTV Cloud Video

Network, Security System & Video

DVRS still connecting unlimited of physical objects to web-based services. Providing total communications that serve business and residential with a broad array of IP Video CCTV Security Cameras, IP Wireless CCTV Surveillance Cameras, IP Access Control, and IP Phones.

Cloud Video Security CCTV Los Angeles

Business Network, Security System & Video

Cloud Video Storage for Surveillance Cameras

Home Security CCTV Los Angeles

Wi-Fi Wireless Technologies, Wi Fi Wireless Management Solutions, and Internet of Things Security, IoTS.  DVRS specializes in designing, development, and production(in-house), for all types of security and/or surveillance projects.


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Home Network, Security System, & Video

Business Security CCTV Los Angeles